Faith and Family Night
Andale’ (pronounced un-da-lay), a.k.a. Trey Williams, is a lyricist of real life experiences. He has mastered the art of introducing both the young and old to Jesus Christ using his powerful gift of music. It wasn’t always this way. Growing up in the inner city of north Nashville, Andale’ was heavily influenced by his negative environment. Run-ins with the law as well as expulsion from school was a common occurrence in his early days however, It was those experiences which helped Andale’ turn to writing music. Although secular at first, Andale was obviously gifted. He won many rap battles and talent contests using his talent for the enemy. One day while in a recording session he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit call him to do music for the Kingdom of God. Without hesitation he instantly said goodbye to the negativity of secular music. Since then God has opened door after door. He has had the privilege of recording
with Grammy nominated producers Incorporated Elements (Grits and Talib Kweli, Nappy Roots) and Kelvin Wooten (Anthony Hamilton, Mary J. Blige, Outkast, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin); He’s also opened for gospel recording artists such Kirk Franklin, Virtue, JMoss Lisa McClendon, Kurt Carr, Canton Jones. He has performed at such events as the WEUP June Black Arts Festival in Huntsville, AL, the Heritage Festival in Birmingham, AL and has appeared on the hit TV show Hype and Glory with world renowned gospel rapper T-Bone (“Fighting Temptations”).
His live show is incredible and convicting. His energy bad sense of humor leaves the listener wanting more. Few have ever heard so much passion, anointing and versatility in one man’s delivery. His gift is truly from God. Andale’ has been influenced by an array of different artist and music styles.
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A combination of Bluegrass, Country, Gospel and Appalachian mountain music, this female group will speak to your heart and squeeze every drop of passion from your soul. Wonderful harmony will leave you wanting more.This is a must see group.
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“Brad Stine is the funniest man I would introduce to my children.It’s not often you meet a person who is both bitingly witty and thoroughly decent. Brad Stine is both.” – Tucker Carlson

“Brad is one of the funniest, most innovative, smartest and culturally relevant comedians I have ever seen!” – Eric Metaxas: NY Times bestselling author/speaker

“God’s Comic” & “Frantic, aggressive, and caustic with echoes of Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, and George Carlin…” – The New Yorker

“In the competitive world of stand-up comedians, Mr. Stine has found a niche as a conservative Christian, riffing on topics like gay marriage, judicial activism and judges who cite precedents from foreign courts…” – New York Times
Brad Stine is known as the man that revolutionized and launched the new era of Christian comedy in America with his breakout album “Put A Helmet On!” that single-handedly redefined the way Christian stand-up comedy could be perceived and performed.
His cutting edge methods literally opened the door for many Christian comics that would follow. Many of whom have acknowledged his influence including Tim Hawkins, John Crist, and Michael Jr and a host of others whose careers and styles have been impacted by Brad Stine.
He is also the most media covered Christian comedian in the country being featured in mainstream media outlets unlike any Christian comic before or since. Because Brad sees his comedy as being a missionary to America, Brads calling is to bring the gospel in unique ways to influence the cultural narrative.
He tours nationally on a regular basis performing in clubs, churches, and fundraisers for Crisis pregnancy centers, ministries and conservative causes and candidates.