Outdoor Theater System

What is an Outdoor Theater System?

An outdoor theater system is an evangelistic tool that can be used by a church, or a group of churches. It can be utilized to view Christian movies, worship music, and power-point for a worship services. It can be used on your church parking lot or inside, a public park, a lot in a subdivision, or in a mobile home park. It can provide wholesome family-oriented movies and music designed to attract unchurched families. Through the use of the Outdoor Theater System, churches can discover many new prospects, make a positive impression in the community, and share a direct witness with those that attend.


What Kinds of Equipment is included for the Outdoor Theater?

The Outdoor Theater includes projector,  11 1/2 ft. inflatable projector frame and removal projector screen, with sound equipment. It provides for quick and easy set up and tear down in any location.


Who is Able to Use the Outdoor Theater System?

The Outdoor Theater System may be used by member churches and missions of the Christian County Baptist Association.


How Will We Know How to Use It?

You can receive training when another church is using the theater system. Join them and learn how it is set up and how it is disassembled and packed into the trailer. In order to use the Outdoor Theater System and equipment your church must have at least two people who have received the training. For more information on trailer usage policies, click here.