Upcoming Events…

Fellowship Meal 5:30pm

First Session 6:15pm

Brief Recess 7:12pm*

Second Session 7:25pm*

(*times are approximate)

Please note the change in order of business.  Currently we have a fellowship meal scheduled, however please note this is subject to change with the current COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep you updated of any changes that may take place.

  • Information for the church’s Annual Church Profile will be sent THIS WEEK. The 2020 forms are now available on the workspace database and clerks/secretaries are encouraged to enter the workspace system NOW and add any information for change in positions, new staff, etc. PLEASE REMEMBER – if a person is NOT serving in a certain capacity any longer, you cannot insert a new name over the former person who served in the position. If this is done it completely deletes the former person from church records. KBC representatives will normally contact our office and request that we reach out to the church to resolve.
  • CCBA generated forms for the Yearly reporting – Mission Trip/Project report and a NEW form – CCBA Supplemental Information – will be available here on our website – www.christiancountybaptist.com under the “Resources & Media” tab, select sub-page “97th Annual Meeting”
  • Also under the Resources & Media tab/97th Annual Meeting, we will have 3 items of business to be presented by the Administrative Team – 2nd Quarter Executive Board Minutes for February 2020, 3rd Quarter Executive Board Minutes for May 2020 and the CCBA Employee Handbook. Due to the absence of a quorum at the 3rd Quarter Executive Board meeting in May, voting must take place to approve minutes and approve the handbook in addition to the regular voting on 3rd Quarter Minutes.