Between Annual Meetings, the association is governed by the Executive Board, comprised of the pastor of each church, other full-time ordained pastors (staff members) and two other lay persons elected by the congregation.

Members of CCBA’s Executive Board are the first to hear the latest happenings in our churches and in the association and play an important role in determining the present and future direction of the association. Membership in the Executive Board is a privilege; each member extends God’s Kingdom beyond the four walls of their church by assisting the association in accomplishing its work in our county and beyond. The board meets quarterly.
From the CCBA’s Constitution:

Executive Board

  1. Membership

                The executive board shall be composed of the following members:

                (1)  From each church:  The pastor, provided his membership is in the church, other full-time, ordained ministers of each church, and two lay members.  In the churches with missions, the pastor and an additional layperson may represent the mission.  The official executive board members are those listed on the church letter.  The church clerk must notify the associational office of any change or the election of additional members thirty (30) days prior to an executive board meeting.  Churches under watch care are encouraged to attend.

                (2)  Associational Leadership:  The associational officers are the moderator, assistant moderator, clerk, treasurer, assistant treasurer, team leaders and trustees.  Professional staff members of the association shall be ex-officio members of the board.

                The moderator shall serve as the chairperson of the executive board; the assistant moderator shall serve as assistant chairperson.  The associational ministry assistant shall serve as secretary if no secretary is elected.  Vacancies occurring among associational leaders or team members will be filled through a recommendation of the administrative team to the executive board.  Vacancies occurring among officers of the association during a term of office shall be filled by a vote of the executive board upon recommendation of the administrative team.

                (3) Executive Officer:  The Director of Missions shall be the Executive Director of the Christian County Baptist Association, Inc.

  1. Authority of the Executive Board

                (1)  To attend to the business of the association between annual sessions.

                (2)  The executive board shall have no authority to suspend or amend the constitution. It may amend the by-laws, see ARTICLE XI.

 (3)  A majority of the voting members in attendance at the meetings of the board shall constitute a quorum, but attendance of less than twenty (20) people and twelve (12) churches represented shall not qualify to conduct business.

  1. Meetings

                (1)  The Executive Board shall hold such regular meetings as it may determine, and a special meeting thereof may be called by the Director of Missions, moderator or by the assistant moderator and the clerk, but a full week’s notice shall be given in writing to each member of said Executive Board, stating the purpose of the meeting. Between annual meetings of the Association, the business of the Association may be transacted by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will meet quarterly on the Monday following the first Lord’s Day of November, February, May.