Seminary Extension

Seminary Extension is a ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention Council of Seminary Presidents. This council is made up of the six presidents of the theological seminaries of the Southern Baptist Convention:
Seminary Extension is authorized for operation as a post-secondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC).
The mission of Seminary Extension is to provide theological education and ministry training of excellent quality to church leaders and members where they live. As we work to complete our mission, we are equipping today’s busy Christian ministers and lay people with theological knowledge, ministry skills and competencies. That means delivering Biblical, Theological, and Practical education to Christians wherever they live. Study options include studying with friends in local study groups and through correspondence. That means that Seminary Extension courses are available to just about everyone.
There is an old adage that states the following: “If a hungry man is given a fish, he eats a meal; but if he is taught how to fish, he eats for the rest of life.” Many students take Seminary Extension courses because they simply enjoy the opportunity to learn. But these courses do much more. They provide students with the tools and skills to feed themselves and others. We would encourage every Christian to take the time to equip themselves for ministry. Because in doing so, they will be able to minister both inside and outside the church for life.
Seminary Extension is a biblical, affordable and effective means for equipping God’s people. It is also available and convenient. So why wait? Find out how you can become a Seminary Extension student today. Call the CCBA office at 270.885.8777.
To view the current Seminary Extension catalog follow the link provided.